We are privately located. This just means it’s a private building where people can visit by appointment. It is given upon booking by contacting us, or given upon using fast booking. 

Since we are by appointment, we don’t necessarily have operating hours, but take appointments:


Wednesdays through Saturdays

11 am to 7 pm



10 am to 2 pm



closed to appointments

Price help is on our fast booking page. We also give estimates during a consult.

Due to cost and labor, $50 is the fixed amount for anything to start.

It’s rare when we are able to. Fast booking is recommended. 

We reserve the right to refuse service to people under the age of 18.


Face Tattoos

Swastikas/Neo Nazi Tattoos /Things of that naure.

Genitalia / Nether regions tattoos are on a case by case basis (high risk for infection)

Tattoo a person under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Copying other work