Precision Tattooing, Worth the Wait

That time comes around when you want to get a tattoo, you have the money and the day off to get one so you call around to your local shops. A few can get you in right away and there are a few that can’t… which one would you choose? Did you look at the portfolios? More over did you look at the artist’s portfolio that may be tattooing you? Does that artist’s work match the style you are going for? Was your first question to the studio asking their minimum price? Was your second question if they can tattoo you that day?


What are you making priority for your tattoo experience? Do you want a great tattoo or the cheapest tattoo you can get today?


Here’s the deal and it may come as a weird idea to many, many, people:

Shoes can be an impulse purchase, clothes and electronics can even be impulse buys, but it is with my strong belief Tattooing at its core should never be an impulse thing.


Now that statement may send a few people scoffing and off to the next website, but for the few that stayed here to read this far, congratulations, you are already ahead of the curve. Now obviously what I am alluding to here is the fact you can never really remove a tattoo, at least not easily and not without great cost. Moreover if you are solely making your choice based strongly on price and the soonest available appointment, this greatly affects what type of artist you get… with all certainty.


What types of artists are out there? Even among “decent” shops there is still a hierarchy of artist personnel that can be broken down to a few categories:


  • The Apprentice – Doesn’t tattoo yet, strictly makes stencils and clean house.

  • The Beginner – Fresh off the apprenticeship, might be riding fence on both.

  • The Intermediate – Tattooing a few years.

  • The Experienced – Tattooing for some time.

  • The Skilled and Experienced – Tattooing for some time, and is amazing at what he/she does.

  • The Gifted – Those select few that are a level above regardless of how many years experience, booked a year or two out.


Now, when you make your decision based on the cheapest and soonest available, you will almost always in reality get one of two working on you:

The Beginner or the Intermediate, and I promise you even smaller simpler tattoos will show that fact.

Often times it is the difference from having no wait for an apprentice or intermediate to only a few days or weeks to get the more advanced artist. And more often than not there is a huge difference with what you wind up with permanently.


For the more skilled types of artist, custom tattoos are preferred because he/she does not want to copy and cheapen the meaning of it, and neither should you. It also takes more time to produce a quality custom sketch, so it’s better to meet with the artist in a consultation then schedule the tattoo for another day.  There is no advantage to the artist sketching out a same day drawing for you, as almost always it will not be the perfect ideal product in the end.


The best art is a tattoo that was thought out for more than one day, and you will be proud and happy with the result.

Precision tattooing… worth the wait.



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