Post Corona Virus in 2020

The pandemic has been life changing for a lot of people.  I have been tattooing since I was 19, and I am now 44, and I had some time to think about how I have been going about it.


For roughly a decade now since 2010, I have been:


  • Taking on good artists and show them how to be better at the craft.

  • Use my time/resources to support/promote them (time/resources better served to my customers). 

  • After a very short time (about 1 to 2 years) they’re on to greener pastures. Such is life.


This has happened over and over and today I am at a point where I feel I gave enough to tattooing that I have produced some great artists that are out there now and it is time to focus on just myself and my clients.


I feel it is time to operate independently and privately. This is the best plan for the following reasons:


  • Less distraction, more focus on the client and the tattoo with less interruptions. 

  • Overall a more peaceful, less stressful way of working.

  • Very congruent with new post-Covid 19 tattooing rules.


What are the new rules that affect you as a client? Here they are listed:


  • We are required to be appointment only, no walk ins.

  • Client and artist must not be expressing symptoms such as coughing or sneezing.

  • Client and artist must both wear masks.

  • Client must come alone, no visitors.

  • We can only serve one person at a time.

  • We are required to take a client’s temperature.

  • We are required to have the client fill our Covid-19 paperwork.

  • We cannot work on faces or hands.


Since I have had to operate by appointment since 2010, I would not foresee that as being a major issue for people that want work from me.


Barb and I are operating alone now. It may take us time to get back, especially preparing for the new guidelines, as well as preparing the new environment. For at least a month or so, It may take us 24, 48, and in very rare cases 72 hours to get back to messages, voicemails. In most cases we get to replies fairly expediently. 


To streamline the process as much as possible, we are directing as much engagement as we can to our website, where our fast booking system will:


  • Help you with price estimates (time estimations based on in the door, out the door, price estimations by tattoo size).

  • Allow you to see our schedule and get yourself in without having to wait to talk to us. 

  • You are of course always still welcome to contact us via traditional methods, this was just designed to make things easier. 


When we get the place finished, we will post updates, until then we look forward to serving you in our private facility.


Thank you


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